Tummy Tuck

Op. Dr. Çağıl Meriç Erenoğlu

Aesthetıc, Plastıc and Reconstructıve Surgery

The skin in the abdomen may sag due to excessive weight loss or conditions that loosen the abdominal skin, such as childbirth.

In these cases, it is necessary to remove both excess adipose tissue (liposuction) and sagging abdominal skin. This process is called “tummy tuck” or “abdominoplasty”.

The tummy tuck has a horizontal scar to remain inside the laundry and is sewn back by removing excess dangling skin. At the same time, loose abdominal muscles are sewn up, providing a flatter abdominal wall.

After the tummy tuck, there are resistances inside that prevent the accumulation of blood and fluids. In the first few days after surgery, a slight curve is walked to pay attention to the seams. Corset is used for 1 month.