Op. Dr. Çağıl Meriç Erenoğlu

Aesthetıc, Plastıc and Reconstructıve Surgery

Losing weight and fat in certain parts of our body is very difficult, even impossible. These weights resist sports, diet and all kinds of alternative solutions and do not go away. Although it varies from body to body, the accumulation zone of everyone’s fat is different from each other.

In some people, weights can accumulate around the waist and belly, while in others they can accumulate in the hips and upper legs, and in others on the back and arms.

The solution of these resistant fats is fat removal, a.k.a. liposuction. In liposuction, fats in problematic areas are taken out by entering with the help of thin cannulas. The important thing in this process is to provide a good shaping.

Areas that can be thinned in the body by fat removal can be listed as follows.

  • Belly
  • Waist
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Hipn
  • Butt
  • Use legs
  • The legs
  • Foot ankles
  • Breast
  • Due and Neck
  • face