Fat Injection to The Face

Op. Dr. Çağıl Meriç Erenoğlu

Aesthetıc, Plastıc and Reconstructıve Surgery

Over the years, our face is exposed to the effects of environmental factors and volume loss occurs on our face. The adipose tissue on our face loses its volume and sags down like a deflated balloon. In such cases, fat injection is performed to restore the lost volume to the face and restore it to its youthful appearance.

In the fat injection process, the fat is taken from the person’s own body, from areas with excess fat tissue (for example, the abdomen), processed and made ready to be given to the face. It is given to bruises and dimples under the eyes, to the cheeks, temples, lips, cheeks, chin and general facial tissue that loses volume, thus regaining the lost volume. At the same time, after the young cells in this adipose tissue settle in their new places on the face, they continue their rejuvenation effect on a regular basis. They do this by providing various cytokines and collagen production.

Fat injection, being one of the groundbreaking procedures of plastic surgery, is one of the most popular aesthetic and rejuvenation applications in recent years. Fat injection can be used not only for facial rejuvenation, but also for body shaping. As an example, the fat tissues taken as an example can be given to the breast and breast augmentation can be done by fat injection, or butt augmentation and shaping can be done by giving them to the butt area.