Dimple Aesthetics

Op. Dr. Çağıl Meriç Erenoğlu

Aesthetıc, Plastıc and Reconstructıve Surgery

The most common question that comes to mind about dimples, which are beauty pits on our face, is why the dimples originate. Why are some people born lucky and have these devil-feathered beauties? Why do some of us have it and some don’t? Is she genetic? Is dimple caused by a facial defect or a muscle deficiency? In this section, we will find answers to all of these questions.

Anatomy of Dimple

If we are one of the lucky ones born with dimples on our cheeks, there are basically two reasons why this happens:

Buccinator Muscle

The first of these is that the “Buccinator” muscle, which is one of the muscles on our cheeks that allows us to smile, is divided into two inside and attached to the cheek skin. Thanks to these attachments, dimples that differ in shape, size and depth are formed according to the shape of the muscle and the attachment points. Normally, this muscle does not attach to the skin, when it works, it moves independently from the skin, and as a result, there is no pulling situation that will create dimples.

Zygomaticus Major Muscle

“Zigomaticus Major” is also one of the facial mimic muscles. If this muscle is bifid (split in two) or has two parts, there are two different points on the skin where the muscle attaches, and the area in between is reflected as a dimple.

In other words, dimple is a purely personal variation and it is not considered correct to attribute it to a disorder or defect.

How does having a dimple change a person’s externally perceived expression?

Having a dimple changes a person’s externally perceived expression.

Throughout the history of humanity, positive discrimination has always been made against beautiful and handsome people. Beautiful children and adults have been more interested in social life, business life and even in the family, there has been a prejudice that they are more successful, and more tolerance has always been shown to them. It is a well-known fact that beautiful people are more successful in business life, have better relations with their subordinates and superiors, and even get more salaries.

Gamzeler leaves an innocent and self-confident expression that reassures the other person

A beautiful facial expression with dimples on his cheek, especially when he smiles, provides a more positive expression to the other party in communication and establishes a confidence that he is happy and successful. The reason for this lies in the human brain’s perception of dimples. Even if the dimples are one-sided or two-sided, even when the person is not smiling, they make the face radiate a happy, positive and constructive expression as if it were smiling. In the face of this expression, people also approach themselves with this positive prejudice and their communication inevitably becomes stronger because of this. At the same time, dimples give people a sense of innocence. This feeling, on the other hand, gives confidence to the other person and allows him to easily gain friendship.

The dimples are remarkable.

A beautiful and natural dimple on a beautiful face makes you stand out in a certain environment. This beauty, which only 12% of the society is blessed with, will make you easily noticed and distinguished from others. Especially since dimples are directly associated with smile, that is, with positivity, constructiveness and success, this will be an extremely positive awareness and prominence.

Dimples are preferred.

  • At school
  • In the family
  • Here
  • In the theater group
  • In the casting
  • Among friends
  • In private life

Because of all these we have mentioned, more and more people all over the world and in Turkey are looking for an experienced physician who will make the most natural and beautiful dimples on their cheeks that will suit them best.