Breast Augmentation

Op. Dr. Çağıl Meriç Erenoğlu

Aesthetıc, Plastıc and Reconstructıve Surgery

Breast smallness is a condition that can cause psychological and social problems in women and lead to a lack of self-confidence. This condition can be solved with plastic surgery surgeries.

Breast augmentation can be done with silicone implant or fat injection. More commonly used is breast prosthesis. Breast prostheses produced today are permanent for life.

Breast prosthesis is inserted by entering through a small incision in the lower fold of the breast. One of the sub-muscle or above-muscle plans is preferred. In recent years, due to the lower risk of complications in breast prosthesis, the whole world is moving towards the sub-muscular plan.

There are two different forms of prosthesis, round and drop (anatomical). It is decided as a result of the examination which patient will need a round prosthesis.

When deciding the size of the prosthesis to be put in, several factors are taken into consideration. These are the body shape of the patient, the width of the body, the volume of the existing breast, the skin quality of the breast and the size that the patient wants. Considering all these factors, it is decided how large prosthesis to be placed in the patient. In surgery, the final decision is made by making sure the exact size of the rehearsal (sizer) prostheses.

If you are planning breast augmentation surgery, make sure to ask your doctor which brand and what type of prosthesis he uses. Because some of the implant brands and models have been found to cause “Breast Prosthesis Disease”. I recommend approaching the use of these brands more carefully. (For more detailed information, please read this article of the Turkish Plastic Surgery Association.)